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I contacted Steve as I had been suffering from a lumber back problem for some time and discussed this issue with Steve.
He went through range of movement tests and he discussed the range of treatments which he believed would get to the root of the problem, after a few sessions which included Acupuncture, Pelvic manipulation and Fascial taping he was on top of the problem and I was around 50% improved in pain relief.
Steve was concerned however that there might be a intervertebral disc degeneration and he advised me to get a scan on my lower back to ascertain what we was dealing with, his fears were correct and my Dr informed me that I had mild Intervertebral disc compression which was the primary reason for my back pain.
I had the option to have surgery but after hearing of certain operations that have not gone well I was apprehensive with going into surgery. The great news, is that I still have not needed to have surgery, with Steve's treatments I am now 100% pain free with only residue stiffness.
Steve has also given me home exercises which helps me keep my back free of pain.
I see Steve on a regular basis at his clinic at Moss End Garden Village in Bracknell, which makes sure I can keep away from the operating table!!!

Mick King
BAA ground engineer

"I have seen other therapists before {Osteopaths and Chiropractics] and feel that the treatments were drawn out and although sometimes getting relief from my pain, that the underlying issue was never addressed.
After seeing Steve he was very clear that if I did not get a reasonable amount of pain relief within 4 treatments that he was not the man for me.
Well he was the man for me!!, within two treatments I was in much less pain and by 4 treatments I was 90% pain free, Steve used a combination of treatments and better still had a detailed look at my lifestyle and changed some old habits which was causing the problem in the first place.
Steve at "sportshealer" Bracknell, should be anyones first port of call if they are in pain."

Mrs MJB Bracknell

“I initially contacted Steve after surgery on my back left me with chronic spasms in my leg. I had exhausted other avenues, and was at my wits end. He did a full assessment before we started and after finding out that I was also suffering from insomnia suggested a couple of different treatment options to help with both. After just one session I was sleeping properly again – a full nights sleep for the first time in many months. After just a couple of sessions my leg spasms were so much reduced that I almost missed them! I would without hesitation recommend Steve. He is so professional, and knowledgeable and puts you at immediate ease“

Helen Warren
Associate Solicitor

"I have had chronic ongoing problems with my back for over a year. After having a consultation with Steve, I began receiving weekly muscular and manipulative therapy sessions beginning as once a week then twice a week. Having been receiving regular treatment for the initial problem, related issues with my shoulders and hip alignment were then highlighted. Thankfully, as a result of Steve’s thorough knowledge and experience, treatment could then be carried out to rectify these secondary underlying problems. A year on, and thanks to Steve’s treatment for all of the related problems as well as the initial back problem I now only require maintenance sessions.

Micheal Bradfield Fitness consultant

"Hi Steve, great to meet you the other day and I have now saved you in my contacts under "Jesus"!!!, as you have healing hands.
Tonight was my first session in the gym and whatever you did has made huge difference, I feel "Straighter" (If that makes sense?), my right hip pain which is the long term problem is now 50-60% better and my left hip is 30-40% better, after just one session with you I am chuffed to bits and will certainly be booking in further sessions with you!!

Regards Mark Strudwick

"I met Steve around 18 months ago when a friend in the gym referred me to see Steve as I had an issue with my right shoulder.
I had been informed by my GP that the shoulder needed surgical investigation but this would have meant weeks off work and a huge loss of wages and also training in the gym.
I explained to Steve the situation and he ran me through a consultation and a series of range of movement tests, he evaluated the situation and pinned the problem down to a specific shoulder muscle which he then began to work on with his own method of Myofascial Release, specific stretches and finally the Myofascial Taping.
Within one session I was amazed with not only a much improved range of movement but I was also pain free!!!
Up to this day I have not needed to have surgery and still see Steve to maintain the problem.
Personal Trainer/Body Builder


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