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"If you don't make time for your wellness you will be forced to make time for your illness"

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Hi, My name is Steve Bolt and I am a Qualified Sports Therapist/Masseur and am also qualified in Manipulative Therapy/Myofascial Therapy/ Acupuncture and Kinesio Taping.

I have been qualified for many years and have successfully helped many clients from not only Bracknell but also the surrounding area's of Wokingham/Slough and Maidenhead who have seen me for a whole range of problems from neck/back/lower back pain to sciatica and headaches.

I also treat athletes helping them with current injuries/issues, to everyday professional people who have muscular/skeletal problems incured by the nature of their employment.

So many of my clients on first meeting, tell me that they have already seen their Dr and have been given pain killers, sound familier?

This is not the way forward !!!! Unless your problem is just mild muscle pain and has only just arisen, chances are that pain killers will only mask the problem, only to return after the course of pain killers has finished,(sometimes more painful than before!!!).

You need sound advice to remove the main cause of your problem, followed by Therapy sessions to redress the muscular/skeletal imbalance created by the underlying problem.

I am fully insured to work anywhere and am qualified in the following....
Holistic Therapy Level 3 (I.T.E.C) (NHS Standard)
Sports Massage Level 3 (I.T.E.C)
Sports Massage Level 4 (I.T.E.C)
Manipulative Therapy [ Spinal and Pelvic]
Kinesio Taping (K1-K2 Foundation and Advanced/ K3-K4 Sports and Orthopedic )
Myofascial Release Technique (Anatomy Trains 1)
Acupuncture (Sports Injuries)

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