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Sports Therapy/Massage, Manipulative Therapy/ Fascial Release/ Kinesio Taping/ Acupuncture/ Postural Imbalance/ Lifestyle Advice

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Includes osteopathic and chiropractic techniques to correct spinal and pelvic imbalances which have a major effect on neural and muscular pain relief and Structural/Postural balance.

See photos in side bar of before and after Pelvic Manipulation, It may only be around 10-12mm but makes a massive impact on your lower back.

A Technique I have used and modified to get very good, long lasting results, a deep slow movement over specific area's of pain/tension to release the connective tissue from it's tense state and create a more relaxed/pain free situation.

Although I have trained in specific Acupuncture for Sports Injuries, I have used Acupuncture to great effect on situations of Nagging/Tense and painful area's called Trigger Points.
Acupuncture also allows me to needle in one area of pain, whilst working with Myofascial release in another area of the body, Two therapies working at once, making your session not only time effective but also cost effective.

A method of therapy which involves specialist taping applied to the skin, which improves range of movement and can kill pain in just one application!!
Normally Fascial Release would be applied prior to taping for an even greater effect.
Myofascial Release
Pain Relief/Eradication
Improvement in Muscle Function
Increased Range of Movement
Treatment of Scar Tissue

Works on breaking down muscular knots/tension and myofascial adhesions, which allow the muscular system to work at its best, smoothly and pain free.
Once the above issues are broken down it allows the circulatory system to deliver nutrients to the area and restore correct balance within the muscular system, this also improves flexibility, posture and allows the client to become pain free.

This is a much more relaxed and calming therapy which can be a session in itself as a complete de-stress.
I also use this therapy to warm up muscle tissue before sports therapy and this also allows me to find any potential muscular issues.

Sports therapy and Manipulative therapy works fantastic at removing muscular and skeletal imbalances to give you a pain free and highly mobile life.

However I aim to rectify the underlying issues that create these problems in the first place.

These can be created by your lifestyle (how you sit, what you sit on), your sport and/or your profession (work in an office over a computer ? then there is a good chance your suffering from upper back/neck problems/headaches).

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